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Sonia Martinez


This support service for older people of Spanish speaking background aims to bring them together with care services for the elderly. 

What is it that NSW SLASA's support service offers the care services' providers to the elderly? They:

  • Help associate providers with the elderly of Spanish speaking background requiring attention.

  • Help associate providers with the Spanish-Latin-American community.

  • Inform providers about the needs of the elderly of Spanish speaking background.

  • Offer providers practical help and advice through a culturally appropriate service.

  • Offer providers knowledge on the challenges faced by the elderly in the provision of care services. 

This service is a community source designed to improve the relationship and communication between the elderly of different backgrounds and care services' providers. This service is financed by the Department of Health and Ageing under the Aged Care Services Improvement and Healthy Ageing Grants program.


All are encouraged to call for assistance and support.

For more information contact:  NSW SLASA on 9610 0288.

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