NSW SLASA runs its programs with the Spanish community in mind and the people with different interests and needs. We provide all the attention, help and support available to those who would like to improve their skills in many areas: English language skills, how to use a computer, an iPhone or any other technological device, perhaps you would like to learn to play the guitar. NSW SLASA has what you need to support you in your development and to accompany you in the process.

We gladly invite you to get to know each one of our programs available for you and out community.



Link Worker   Sonia Martinez 

This service is for ‘Support for elderly Spanish speakers’ has the objective to bring care services for elderly Spanish speakers.


What is it that the “Support Services for Older people of Spanish Speaking Background” by NSW SLASA offers to service providers of care for elderly people?


  • Provides links to Spanish speaking seniors that need attention.

  • Networking with the Spanish speaking community.

  • Provide information as to what needs of the Spanish speaking seniors have.

  • Provides practical help and advice through a culturally appropriate service.

  • Provides knowledge of the challenges in providing care services for elderly people.


The “Support for Elderly Spanish Speakers” is a community initiative designed to improve relationships and communication between elderly people and their different providers and carers. This service is funded by the Department of Health and Ageing program under the Aged Care Services Improvement and Healthy Ageing Grants (ACSIHAG).

NSW SLASA Community Hub

This project is funded by the Department of Human Services NSW (formerly Department of Community Services (DOCS). The main objective of the project has several objectives, such as building stronger communities, increase community capacity for self-determination through training programs, development projects in the community to strengthen Spanish-speaking families, the planning, developing and supporting new and existing projects and community groups, and very important aspect of promoting social justice and community on behalf of the Spanish-speaking communities for Spanish-speaking communities have equal access to services and programs. 


To meet these objectives, the project has organized information and education activities to the community, to raise awareness of the issues, services and activities available to the Spanish speaking community. Furthermore, associations and committees have been formed with other agencies and workers to share resources and maximize results for our community.

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