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NSW SLASA is a community organisation that represents different Spanish and Latin American communities in New South Wales.


Furthermore, NSW SLASA has the responsibility and capability to identify the community's needs. This is presented to various Governmental Departments in order to attain funds to develop strategies and to establish projects. This will help improve the conditions of the Spanish and Latin American communities in New South Wales.


NSW SLASA was founded in September of 1978 by a group of Spanish speaking workers in the fields of health, education and social welfare. Conscious of the challenges facing the community, they organised a conference in June 1978. At the conference, they addressed the urgent need for the establishment of a community organisation that would serve the Spanish speaking community. Many of the topics discussed at the conference served as the foundation of what would become the main objectives of the organisation. Initially, NSW SLASA received a grant from the Community Relations Commission to employ one social worker. Today, NSW SLASA counts with four workers and receives funding from the Department of Immigration & Citizenship, Department of Community Services, the Department of Health and Ageing and different clubs in NSW.

NSW SLASA is a legally incorporated association and is administered by an Executive Committee comprised of members of the Spanish speaking community. The services provided are free of charge and provided without any sort of restrictions of discrimination to the members of the Spanish speaking community


NSW SLASA has three primary functions:

Business Woman

Individual Assistance


One on one support for clients that require individual assistance.

We offer case work and support.


Community Development

Building the capacity of the local community.


Link and Connect

A link and representative of the Spanish speaking community before other ethnic communities and Government departments.

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